Working in the entertainment field, in film studios and behind the scenes of some of the most glamorous occasions has been a mainstay for Mariah Mendez. With a background in entertainment development and entrepreneurship in her family, she’s always had a passion for makeup and creativity. Soon enough an opportunity came along for Mariah to create her very own Professional Cosmetic line, DNA Cosmetics.

Mariah was intrigued by cosmetics at an early age, experimenting with hair and makeup, whether it was on herself, friends, or just learning from the pros as they did her hair and makeup. Mariah graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, but shortly after, decided to pursue her dream and become a Professional Makeup Artist.

Being a makeup artist over the years and working with a diverse clientele, Mariah realized that there was a gap in the cosmetics’ industry. “Sometimes even the models who need full coverage from makeup, just want to look natural and fresh-faced on a day to day basis.” It seems as though one brand would only cater to full long lasting, heavy coverage, another to natural looks, and so it goes. “I wanted to create a makeup line for everyday women who can have a Holy Grail Brand to turn to. I envisioned a makeup line where women can get their high impact, full- coverage, model-ready look and where they can get their natural glow as well.”

“I created this line to be geared towards ‘your everyday' women; hence our slogan: ‘Your Everyday Genetic Makeup.’ Your genetic makeup is your DNA, so to me, the name DNA Cosmetics was perfect!” No gimmick or fancy fluff. Women just want a brand that aims them to look and feel their best, apply with ease and be reliable.